Serving the Children of the World


In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Annual Financial Examination
Schmidt, Ken
Set up annual audit consisting of three persons. Members who perform the audit cannot be current board members.
Hanna, Andrew
Committee comprised of the three Past Presidents in deciding which members would qualify to receive the Kiwanian of the Year and the Rookie Kiwanian of the year award.
Bicycle Rodeo
Wehling, Randy
Isom, Loren
Provide volunteers to help at the school bicycle rodeos.
Bike Path Clean-up
Schinstock, Jack
Clean-up of John Dietrich bike path.
Board of Directors
Scissors-Domgard, Tracey
Meets the 2nd Monday. All club members are welcome.
Boy Scouts of America Coordinator is the liaison between Cub Scout Pack at Kooser Elementary School and the Boy Scouts of America.
Bridges to Hope
Schmidt, Ken
Help with distribution and pickup of items for newly released prisoners.
Waldren, Rick
Treasurer and President Elect work together on preparing a budget for the board of directors each Kiwanis year.
Builders Club at St. John's Kiwanis Adviser.
Camp Olympia (Camp OK) Provide help at Camp OK and financially support a student to attend.
Child Advocacy Center (CAC)
Hanna, Lenora
Provide leadership in finding ways LNE can volunteer at the Center and provide financial support.
Club Administrator
Scissors-Domgard, Tracey
The President - oversees the following committees: Executive Board, Board of Directors, Membership, Interclub, Programs, Public Relations, Leadership Development, Delegates, Social, Newsletter, Website, Awards, Nominating Committee, and History
Community Service
Schinstock, Jack
Chairperson oversees Child Advocacy Center, Matt Talbot Kitchen, Bridges to Hope, Farm City Breakfast, Mini Parks, Bike Path Clean-up, Backpack Project at Belmont and Huntington, Senior Picnic, Kiwanis One Day, and New Projects.
Dawes Closet
Alby, Sue
Handles Dawes Closet
Eliminate Project
Hanna, Milford
Hanna, Lenora
Club coordinator - oversee our club pledge is met.
Embryology Project
Waldren, Rick
Edwards, Don
Oversee transportation to Spencer IA 3-4 times (January-April) to get fertilized eggs for the embryology project for all 3rd graders in LPS and other schools.
Emergency Food Pantry
Schinstock, Jack
Coordinate food distribution dates, times, and location with Food Bank and LPS
Farm City Breakfast
Schinstock, Jack
Waldren, Rick
Provide leadership for the breakfast and invite FFA students from neighboring schools.
Finance and Fundraising
Scissors-Domgard, Tracey
Waldren, Rick
Treasurer and the President Elect work together. President Elect is responsible for fundraising for their upcoming year. Overseeing the following: Budget, Annual Financial Examination, SCCA Fundraiser, Eliminate Project, Waffle Fundraiser, Silent Auction Fundraiser, Dining Out Fundraiser, Member Donations to Projects, Peanut Day, and Tax Fundraiser
Hanna, Milford
Keep updated information on the club.
Hanna, Lenora
Interclub committee is responsible for lining up visits (interclub is at least 4 members) to other clubs in our division (Div 21) and clubs outside our division.
Key Club of Northeast
Waldren, Sue
Schwerdtfeger, Lucy M
Coordinators of the Key Club at Northeast High School
Key Leader Secure student(s) to attend Key Leader which is held usually the first weekend in November
K-Kids at Saratoga Advisors.
Leadership Development Incoming President will provide a training for board members and officers.
Lincoln Children's Zoo
Edwards, Don
Oversee members who wish to volunteer their time driving the train at the zoo and other duties as needed.
LNK Fest
Bolling, Amy L
A fun day filled with music and activities for the whole family
LPS Food Backpack Project Help distribute food at least once a month at both Belmont and Huntington.
Matt Talbot Kitchen
Schinstock, Jack
Oversee buying/preparing/serving on December 25 (evening meal).
Members Donation to Projects
Waldren, Rick
President Elect accepts any donations from a club member who wants to donate if unable to help with fundraisers.
Hanna, Milford
Chair responsible for membership meeting on the 5th Wednesdays. Also holds orientation for new members.
Mini Parks
Hanna, Milford
Mowing, cleanup and maintaining three city mini parks.
Alby, Sue
Member who prepares and distributes the monthly newsletter electronically.
Nominating Committee
Hanna, Andrew
Edwards, Don
Committee comprised of the three Past Presidents in securing names for the annual election. Officers for the upcoming year - Vice President, President Elect, President, and Treasurer and two Board of Directors (3-year term). The position of Secretary is appointed by the BOD. Election held the third Wednesday in April.
Marshall, Bob
Vice President is in charge of programs being secured for the year.
Public Relations
Bolling, Amy L
The chair sends programs and events to the Neighborhood Extra and to Stephanie Dohner for weekly updates for Divisions 21 & 22.
Reading at EduCare Responsible for the leadership. Read to children at Educare and provide a book each month.
RIF at Sacred Heart
Dietze, Dwayne
Read to children at Sacred Heart and provide a book each month.
Ringing Bells for Salvation Army
Hanna, Lenora
Chair secures locations and volunteers for ringing bells for the Salvation Army. Usually the first part of December.
Senior Picnic
Schmidt, Ken
Plan picnic, secure date and location, and contact nursing homes.
Service to Children Chairperson overseeing Reading at EduCare, RIF at Sacred Heart, Embryology Project, Camp OK, Santa Cop, Bicycle Rodeo, Lincoln Children's Zoo and Special Events
Signature Project
Bolling, Amy L
To determine LNE traditional and new signature projects.
Silent Auction Fundraiser
Marshall, Bob
Responsibility for securing items for the annual silent auction - sending out letter of request. Also creating a committee to help visit the businesses following the letter of request. Helping at the event.
Keown, Jeff
Marshall, Bob
Member planning club socials.
Special Events To coordinate special events that may occur during the year.
Sponsored Youth Chair oversees programs SLP's - K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K and Key Leader.
Sports Car of America (SCCA) Fundraiser
Waldren, Rick
Coordinator secures members to cover gate security for 8 days during the SCCA event held at Air Park.
Tax Fundraiser Chair secures members to help with the tax fundraiser.
Waffle FeedFfundraiser President Elect responsible for purchasing any supplies needed, securing the Waffle Man and the location for the event. Responsible for lining up members to help at the event.
Website and Social Media
Bolling, Amy L
Coordinator(s) provide updates (including pictures) for our club website.